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strategy session

Change is scary.


'Cause it's about finally being honest with yourself that where you are right now is not where you want to be. And that taking a hard look at what is, and is not, working is necessary to move you in the direction you want to go.

Right now you're putting out fires left and right; keeping you and your program from growing. And if you continue in reactionary mode, burnout is right around the corner.


Which is not the vision you have for yourself as a sport leader.


Making changes in order to get what you want can be intimidating. It's the number one reason people don't achieve their goals.

But you don't have to go at it alone. I want to dig into it with you!


I will be your non-judgemental listener who will help you sift through your current systems to determine what should stay, go and be added. Think of me as the home organizer for the sport world!

Starting is the hardest part, but together we'll create momentum.

What's included:

  • 90 minutes of uninterrupted face-time with Dusty Mattison.

  • An energetic audit of your current systems.

  • The answers to as many questions you can ask in 90 minutes, from operations to systems, staff onboarding & offboarding, hiring & firing, and everything in between!

  • A full assessment of the current tech platforms you’re using, determining if they suit your needs, and what you can replace to increase efficiency & communication within your program.

  • A custom, 3-month action plan delivered to you 7 days after your session.

  • One week of email support following the delivery of your action plan.



A sigh of relief that someone finally gets you and has your back


Lightness from taking the next steps towards growing your program




Energy from knowing the next steps are achievable


A vision of your future streamlined self and program


Space to be creative and tap into your other talents


A feeling of how I can help you get what you want

Investment: $600

Book a free 20 minute chat to find out how a Strategy Session is your next step towards gaining simplicity, energy and connection!

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