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productivity STRATEGY VIP DAY

Unless you are extremely intentional, finding a concentrated amount of time to reflect on the previous season, take a hard look at what changes need to be made, and create the strategy to implement those changes usually doesn't happen.

Then it's August and you're scrambling to throw together something you think will address the challenges you faced last season.

What if you could go into next season feeling energized and excited?

That's what I want for you!


The Productivity Strategy VIP Day is focused time (up to 6 hours) where you and I will implement your productivity plan inside the task management tool, ClickUp. Which will become your program hub and life saver.

Check it off your list so you can focus on being the leader you envision.

What's included:

  • A detailed questionnaire to conduct a guided self-audit of both your current systems and systems you want to put into place.

  • This will be a "done with you" service. Meaning we will be on the call together so you can see how your ClickUp workspace is built and start learning how to use it.

  • To start out the day we will have a call to go over any questions I have from your completed questionnaire and see if anything popped up since it was submitted. This will help set the stage for the remainder of the day.

  • We will get your ClickUp workspace set up to reflect your program structure. Meaning, we will invite anyone into ClickUp that you regularly communicate with (ie. coaches, staff, etc.) and make sure the proper securities are in place to protect your program.

  • Using the systems you provided in your questionnaire we will start building them out in ClickUp.

  • Once we have a plan built out we will test it and tweak it if necessary. This is where you will start to see the power of ClickUp and how it will help you become more proactive in your leadership role.

  • We will build out 2-3 spaces within ClickUp which will include templates and documents. More if time permits.

  • You will receive record mini tutorials of how to use your ClickUp task management tool that you can refer to after our VIP Day is complete.

  • 30 days of email support, or zoom call if needed, to discuss any adjustments that need to be made.



A sigh of relief that someone finally gets you and has your back


Lightness from taking the next steps towards growing your program




Energy from knowing the next steps are achievable


A vision of your future streamlined self and program


Space to be creative and tap into your other talents


A feeling of how I can help you get what you want

Investment: Starting at $1500

Book a free 20 minute chat to find out how a Productivity Strategy VIP Day is your next step towards gaining that jolt of inspiration for your upcoming season.

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