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create your productivity plan

. . . and be the leader you envision

Your program really turned a corner this past season. And now it’s like okay…how do we step up to the next level?


You’ve set expectations, have student-athletes who are bought in, and now you’re ready to keep that momentum going…


Which means more will be asked of you and your staff to keep the train going. And that requires you to be on the same page. ALL THE TIME.


In other words?
You need a stronger STAFF culture.
You need to step it up as a leader.
You need better systems. 
To elevate your program, you have to continue to build a culture where everyone is committed to leaving a legacy by making a difference.

To get recruits who support your culture, your current student-athletes need to believe in it first so recruits can see them living it.

To get your student-athletes to buy into your vision, they need to trust you and your staff. 


To show your student-athletes you are your word, you and your staff need to be one unit.


In order for your coaches to have your back, you need to create a staff culture that values collaboration.


It’s all about consistency and trust.

And it starts with you.

So what's the best way to create a strategic systems plan?

Many coaches who come into a program can see good results right away from the new energy they inject.


It almost feels easy.


But it’s the years that follow that test your ability to build a program with a lasting legacy.

I hate to say it, but I’ve seen coaches, who are great people, get stuck in a rut with their leadership. It’s actually more common than not.

They find a system that works, usually what they learned from their own coach, and stick with it.


No matter the type of student-athletes on the team, the outcome of the season, or the culture of the program.


And instead of refining those systems from year to year, to adapt and grow, they continue to turn to new training programs, equipment, or another coaching course.


Instead of always looking to fix external factors, why not focus on rebuilding the internal foundation of your program.

Picture this for a second:


A former coach, who was where you are, sits down next to you, takes a look at how you managed the previous season, and then works with you to create better systems & processes that will help you and your staff be better leaders.


With these new systems & processes, you know you have to declutter, reorganize, and prioritize…a ton of reflection to start the process of building a solid foundation for your culture to thrive.


But you have a systems expert helping you through the process. Someone who wants to give coaches the tools they need to be the leaders they envision. And a community of peers going through similar challenges that will provide insight and encouragement.

This is exactly what you get when you join the Build your systemS strategy workshop.

It's 1 week of small group assessment, collaboration and system critiques all focused on 2 things:


1. Taking an honest hard look at how you have managed your program up until now

2. Creating systems you and your staff can maintain within the task management tool ClickUp

Untitled design(1).png

The expertise being brought to you in this workshop is backed by

  • My 15 years in collegiate coaching

  • My experience being part of both winning and losing teams. And bringing a broken program back to life where everyone’s focus was on leaving a legacy.

  • My work implementing a strategic systems plan, using ClickUp as the container, into athletic programs as well as my own business

Here are the steps of the Build Your Systems Strategy Workshop:


Complete a comprehensive intake form that will dive into your current coaching staff culture, identify the roadblocks in your current systems & processes, and the vision you have for your staff and program.

*Required work that needs to be completed prior to the start of the workshop


Participate in each of the 5 sessions and complete “homework assignments” that will guide you through mapping out your systems within the task management tool ClickUp. And receive real time feedback from both Dusty and trusted peers.


Submit follow up questions after each daily session to make sure your questions get answered and as a learning opportunity for the other sport leaders in the workshop.


Book your complimentary 30 minute 1:1 call with Dusty to answer any questions you have on how to best implement new systems to reach your vision. This call can be booked the week of the workshop or up to 1 month after.


Make sure you’re taking advantage of ClickUp’s capabilities by booking a 6 month follow up call with Dusty. This free 60 minute call, with you and your staff, is about making sure the systems & processes you have in place are working for you and are easy to maintain. And that the workflows set up in ClickUp are meeting your needs.

This workshop will be a space for sport leaders (like you) to get coaching, feedback, peer support, and accountability.


So, if this is calling your name, join now to be one of the first of the beta cohort!


We will come together on June 13th, 2022. 

Registration is now open!

In case we haven't met yet . . .

Hey! I’m Dusty Mattison, former DI Collegiate Student-Athlete & Rowing Coach at the University of Wisconsin. I’m slightly obsessed with figuring out the best systems to put into place so coaches can transform their program from reactive to proactive, closed off to collaborative, and stagnant to inspiring. All while keeping in mind the vision to leave a lasting legacy.


I help identify the roadblocks in systems for coaches and their staff who are ready to bring their program to the next level and are willing to try new ways of doing things.


I do that through the process of evaluating current systems, extracting what’s working and not working, envisioning the culture you look to cultivate and the systems to support it, executing the implementation of new systems, and evolving those systems as needs change.

Also, I'm a huge fan of the task management tool ClickUp. Once your strategic systems plan is mapped out ClickUp will become the vehicle for implementing your plan. I wish I knew about this when I was coaching!


Let’s get your new systems in place so you can be inspired for what the next season, and beyond, can be!

What You Need to Know:

Who Building Your Systems Strategy Workshop is NOT for:


  • If you’re content doing the same thing and getting the same results…

  • If you’re not willing to collaborate…

  • If you’re not interested in mentoring your coaches…

  • If you expect your staff to come up with the systems & processes to run your program…

  • If you think the only way to leave a legacy is through winning…


I wish you the best of luck next season, but I’d say hold off on taking this workshop.


Who this is FOR:


  • You’re rebuilding your program and have started to see glimpses of a promising future

  • You love working with student-athletes & your staff, but not thrilled to do admin tasks

  • You want to be organized, but systems don’t come naturally to you

  • You want to stop being the bottleneck so your program can grow

  • You’re ready to start empowering your coaches by delegating more responsibilities

  • Your program is at the growth phase and you’re looking to implement solid systems that will support better communication and cohesion within your staff

  • You want to be known for helping the next generation of coaches

  • You're looking to network with other sport leaders outside your program, school, or sport, who share the same challenges and wins, and can bring a new perspective

If this sounds like you, I'd love for you to join me.


Click the button below to learn more and mark your calendar as registration opens on Monday May 2nd.

Questions that may have come up for you:

Is this workshop right for me if I don’t have any full time staff, just volunteers?


Yes! It doesn’t matter if it’s just you, you + a volunteer coach, or a staff of full time coaches. Building your skills as a sport leader is ongoing and needs to be continuously nurtured. A big part of that is finding better ways to manage yourself, communicate, and delegate effectively. You want to always be building these skills no matter the size of your staff. And it’s important to keep in mind that the culture you create at the leadership level always trickles down to the team you are coaching.


What is ClickUp and why will it be helpful for me and my staff?


ClickUp is an amazing tool that more sports leaders need to know about! It will make a lasting impact on how your staff functions especially when it comes to communication and delegation of tasks. Ultimately, creating better lines of communication, expectations, completion of projects, and freeing up time and resources which all play a part in staff culture. Not to mention saving money for the program through proactive planning.


Is there any cost with using the task management tool ClickUp?


ClickUp is subscription based, starting out with a free plan called “Free Forever”. Most programs will find the free plan sufficient for their needs. But if more capabilities are needed, the next level up is the “Unlimited” plan which is $60/year/member. That means each staff member who will be working inside ClickUp will need a membership. For example, if you have three staff members your yearly membership fee would be $180/year. The Unlimited plan has all the capabilities you would need.


What if I can’t make it to every session of the workshop?


I understand that things come up and you may not be able to attend one of the calls. That is why a zoom recording will be sent out daily following each session!

Be one of the first in the beta cohort!

Click the button below to learn more about the first cohort

on June 13th, 2022

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