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Are you feeling like you're constantly in survival mode?
And that you can't be the leader you want to be?


I'm Dusty, Productivity Strategist for Sport Leaders who are ready to feel inspired for the upcoming season


You're ambitious, a go getter, high achiever...the list goes on and on.

These qualities are what attracted you to the world of sports in the first place, helped you to progress in your career, and ultimately brought you to where you are today. A valued leader in sports.

But you've hit a roadblock in your current program. And you're realizing the lack of strategic systems is holding back both the growth of the program and you as a leader.


Staying in this reactive mode is not gonna cut it anymore. And you’re ready to implement a strategic systems plan that can be maintained for years to come and contribute to the legacy of your program.

That's where I come in!


As a former D1 Collegiate Head Coach, turned Productivity Strategist, I'm the teammate you've been searching for.


I'll help you articulate the vision for your program, what's been working, and what hasn't, so together we can build the systems strategy that will connect you back to why you wanted to be a sport leader in the first place.


I'll be your biggest cheerleader, accountability partner and systems mentor; or more simply put your impetus for change.


With my support you will be the leader your staff wants all while creating lasting changes for your program.

When I meet someone for the first time they usually ask: "is Dusty your real name?"


I've heard this so many times my response is kindda on autopilot.


And it goes something like this:

"Yep, Dusty is my real name!


I'm the daughter of two mid-westerners turned 1960's Berkeley hippies. At the time there was singer Dusty Springfield, baseball manager Dusty Baker and a local disc jockey Dusty Street".

There ya go!

Middle school was rough. With a name like Dusty, name calling was relentless, but once I found athletics (swimming was my first love) I embraced my unique name and it became kindda cool. 


Athletics ended up being my thing...outlet...passion. After high school I walked onto my university's rowing team; which took me into my first career as a Division I rowing coach.

Between my own time as a collegiate athlete, and my coaching career, I was fortunate to be part of several conference and National Championship titles. Going fast is fun!

Teaching someone the sport I loved got me hooked on coaching, but it was the relationships that kept me there. It was about being part of something bigger than myself and helping others pursue their passion.

Through my 20+ years of coaching, and working with 500+ athletes/clients, I came to understand the key components of creating a successful team:


  1. Know your "why"

  2. Lead with your heart

  3. Implement strategic systems


Without all three, others are not willing to be led, buy into or protect your vision.


As I'm sure you can relate!


Fast forward to 2020. The COVID pandemic hit, turning everything upside down.

Dusty Mattison Certified Online Business Manager | About

Over the summer my amazing assistant coach accepted another position which was followed by a hiring freeze. Meaning I was coaching and recruiting on my own during a pandemic. I'm not gonna lie.


I felt overwhelmed and alone.


In the end, things got done. But like you, I had to prioritize. That meant certain things were put on the back burner. Immediate tasks overshadowed the big picture eclipsing my vision.


But it was the loss of collaboration I missed the most. The ability to consistently bounce new ideas off someone with the same goals.


Without it I felt like I was on an island, not knowing if my ideas were gonna support the vision.


And as a mom it took a toll on the energy I had to give to my family. I was tired, emotionally drained, frustrated and unfocused. It was not a good look!

So when I say "I get you" I mean it...I GET YOU.​

But I get it.


You see asking for help as a weakness.


A failure.


Well this can't be further from the truth!


Doing everything yourself can only take you so far, but with a supportive teammate the sum is always greater than the parts. Allowing you to achieve your back pocket goals.

​By teaming up, life will be brought back to your vision, systems will be implemented to support that vision and your team will receive the needed leadership to protect your vision.


Ultimately allowing you to be the visionary of your program.

Erin, performance dietician

First and foremost, Dusty is just a great person!


There are not many people who I would describe that way in all aspects. She also gets s**t done - organizing, prioritizing, listening, reflecting and motivating are just some of her professional and personal attributes!


When I first started working with Dusty, her personality and love of her job drew me in. It was easy to get involved and become part of the team! The more involved with her team I became, the more invested and intrigued by the sport I became.


Because of the inclusiveness and passion she projected as a coach, I was able to reach out to other professionals in the [rowing] community and become involved with the US National Rowing Team!


What makes Dusty stand out is her ability to form relationships and build a team. This stems from the fact she’s as real as you can get. She cares about those around her at both a professional and personal level.


Working with Dusty made me feel empowered and respected. Dusty is a collaborative leader who helps raise those around her to work at their full capacity. Showing how much she cares about your professional advancement.

senior leadership

If you are considering working with Dusty, call today and let her help you.


Dusty is practical, communicates clearly and is always willing to dive into the details when questions come up. 


She got to know me personally without being intrusive; which made it possible for her to help me achieve my goals. Once we went over my goals, and potential roadblocks, she put together an easy plan to follow. And when I got sidetracked she motivated me to get refocused. Dusty held me accountable.


One day in particular I was very stressed and overwhelmed. Dusty understood how I felt and offered some ways to relieve the stress while giving me the confidence to keep pushing forward. She kept me on track with my goals which I am so thankful for.


Dusty is one of those people who can make anyone feel happier, optimistic and in good hands. She really cares about her clients and it is obvious. She is a great listener and is always "present". When you are with her you feel like you are the most important person. 


As I read through my comments it is clear that Dusty is a leader. She is kind, strong, considerate, a great listener, hard-working and a wonderful example of leadership.

core values

During my 20+ years as a collegiate coach/personal trainer I developed the core values that create a thriving culture; one that values authenticity and contributing to the legacy.

And I'm excited to bring this philosophy to my collaboration with you!


Without a doubt THE most important part of cultivating team culture. Everyone wants to, and should, be heard.


Transparency is critical for buy in. Seeing the steps in motion allows for questions to be asked along the way and keeps small issues from derailing the vision.

Have hard conversations

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Procrastinating on talking through hard topics, just because you feel uncomfortable, leads to a big 'ol mess. And 9 out of 10 times those hard conversations deepen trust by showing respect and understanding.

Collaboration is critical

A leader doesn't just impose their ideas on others. Instead, it's about bringing ideas to the table, hashing through them and deciding what's in the best interest of the team.

Meet people where they're at

Adjust your approach, and language, to match the other person. Then recognize when they're ready for the next step.


Can you relate? Thought so!

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