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be proactive,
instead reactive

Helping sport leaders stop reinventing the wheel by implementing a systems strategy

i'm dusty,

A former Division I Rowing Coach who helps identify the roadblocks in systems for sport leaders who are ready to bring their program to the next level and are willing to try new ways of doing things. I'm like the home organizer for sport leaders!

With 15 years of D1 collegiate coaching experience I totally understand your world. It's fast paced, high stakes, and way more involved behind the scenes than most people know.

If you're in survival mode, things are not getting done, and you're ready to make a change, you're in the right place!

Together we will assess how you've been managing yourself, leading your coaches & staff, and running your program. With this information we will develop a strategic systems plan that will be housed in the task management tool ClickUp.

Giving you a clear roadmap for the upcoming season.

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lauren, owner
orange shoe personal fitness

Dusty is the real deal! After chatting with her you'll walk away feeling fired up, yet grounded. 


I felt immediate trust when working with Dusty. I knew she would execute on whatever we had discussed and do it above and beyond expectations. This gave me peace of mind. Dusty always brought a calming, confident sense of excitement - it was an empowering feeling for me, our team and our clients. 


In the work we do with our clients, relationships are of utmost importance. As a skilled listener and observer, Dusty has an incredible ability to quickly build rapport and trust. She translated those cues to motivate and coach to each individual's unique needs. This brought about high rates of commitment, results and success for our clients. I was continually in awe of the process Dusty led clients through. 


Dusty understood that each person she worked with had very unique goals, needs, wants and lives. Dusty was a successful coach and trainer because she recognized the person as a whole person, she met them where they were at and then - with trust and commitment from both parties- said "Let's get to work." 


When you work with Dusty she will be realistic and upfront while also pushing you to reach a little beyond what you think your limit is.


Not so sure where to start with putting solid systems in place, but you know you want to try it yourself? Need a new perspective to zero in on where you can save valuable time & increase communication with your staff?


You're in the right spot!


Are you sick of constantly reacting to situations by "putting a band-aid on it." Are you ready to find those "leak holes" in efficiency & communication? Then let's carve out the time together! In just one day we'll map out your strategic systems plan and get it set up for you inside ClickUp.

Let's go!

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